Known as the go to person for back, hip & pelvic floor problems & the issues they create physically & mentally. Michelle specialising in helping you to move more freely but also releasing fears & negativity to allow you to live life to the fullest. Remember even broken crayons create colourful pictures, you are a beautiful soul beyond these limiting beliefs. Believe you can and you are half way there. Your body, your mind, your rules.

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Movement & Mind Therapist



Pilates & Yoga

Known as the go to person for back, hips & pelvic floor issues. I come from a movement background specialising in exercise medicine, women’s wellness, the use of movement therapy to restore the physical body. Throughout Pilates & Yoga inspired sessions find your love of exercise.


Holistic Therapies

 Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP), Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT), Life Coaching, Chakra & Energy Alignment,  Meditation & Mindfulness.


The 1.1 appointments are held in the strictest confidence. Be heard while you work through your events, emotions, thoughts & feelings.


Psychosexual Therapy

As I embark on my final year of study I begin my clinical hours.  You will have access to psychosexual therapy and the practical tools you need to reach a place where you can be yourself, informed and empowered


Online Programmes

Instant access to specialist services in just one click from the comfort of you own home. I guide you through the weeks & together we achieve what you once thought was a dream. Check out the testimonials or contact to discuss what programme is right for you. 

My Approach

I like to think I am relaxed in manner, that people are comfortable with being open with me. As a therapist I ve undergone & continue therapy myself, I know what it is like to sit the other side of the couch.


Together we devise the therapy plan that is right for you. Most importantly I have a very good success rate. The name Magic Michelle was given to me after a many remarkable client testimonials. Please note there is nothing ‘magical’ about my work; it is the result of much study, experience and personal practise, though I appreciate it may feel magical & there is sparkle………..


Looking to try something different? Let's work with your health professionals and explore alternatives. I only accept onto my programmes those I feel I can get the best results with & will always be honest'.

I offer appointments online & in a clinic setting. Privacy is guaranteed. Contact today to book a free 15 minute consultation.​

I aim to respond to all enquiries within 24 hours Monday - Thursday, if you enquire over a weekend responses may take longer.

About MJ


I’m first and foremost mother and human. By no means perfect but true to my beliefs, my passion, my purpose; to provide a safe & welcoming environment (in person and online) whereby you can be listened too, guided & supported enabling self-empowerment resulting in optimal health & well-being within a respected, authentic, non-judgemental environment.

I have been very fortunate to work with such beautiful clients & fellow professionals & the future excites me on what together can be achieved. 

Areas Of Expertise

I come from a wellness background specialising in exercise medicine, women’s wellness, the use of movement therapy to restore the physical body. Pelvic floor & back rehabilitation have been of high importance over the years. 

When science couldn’t explain, my interests moved to energy, chakra alignment, NLP to my added counselling skills. When we feel aligned in head, heart and hara the transformation is remarkable; we need a relatively short space of time in order to experience life changing results. 

This passion, purpose has led to my studies in Clinical Sexology. My new research will focus on the hormonal journey a woman takes through the different phases of her life plus explore the wonderful world of dating, sexual enjoyment, reigniting passion in relationships, in addition to my desire of helping women recognise the power of self-love, self-worth & body confidence. 

Self Esteem

Body Confidence




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Oh my gosh I cannot thank you enough, I am feeling so much better & definitely have more positive thoughts. Everything is just wonderful, the breathing, the meditation is bringing my back to me. Much love my angel