About Me

I specialise in wellness; using a selection of treatments & therapies to realign, rest, restore & rejuvenate for both your body & mind.  I come from a movement background specialising in exercise medicine, cardiac rehabilitation , women’s wellness, the use of movement therapy to restore the physical body. Know as the go to person for back, hip & pelvic floor issues. In the last 10 years I have specialised in mind therapy - talking therapy, neuro-linguistic programming, energy & chakra  alignment to provide complete wellness for body & mind. 

I truly believe exercise is for all. I take great pride in assessing & advising to ensure my members are confident with the sessions & programmes. 

In 2019 I celebrated 20 years in the health & fitness industry. Over the years I have witnessed many changes and my role within group fitness has evolved; I have taught every style of class imaginable for big fitness chains, independent gyms and my own community programme. I have trained all types of clients on a 1.1, worked within a professional football club. I have presented on large stages, had medical research published, won various awards, set up a prize winning exercise referral programme, lectured, tutored and assessed hundreds, if not thousands of learners. It was around 2014 my passion to focus on the taboo surfaced. I published my first book; Pilates For Better Sex & faced a mixed response.


The book aims to bring to the surface the need to talk sex particularly painful sex as  a result of childbirth, menopause, surgery &/or disability. It was designed to get people thinking sex can & should be enjoyable,  there are many ways to increase intimacy, pleasure, passion. Though I received many compliments from across the world I also experienced back lash. It initially knocked me but then steered me on the path where I am today. I joined an amazing programme to study Clinical Sexology with the goal to work within NHS & private settings as a Clinical Sexologist, Psycho-sexual Therapist, Sex, Love & Relationship Therapist. I will normalise the subject of sex & look forward to be able to support or be a voice for many woman who current struggle with the biomedical or psychological issues surrounding this topic. 

Michelle aka 'Magic Michelle '