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I come from a wellness background specialising in exercise medicine, cardiac rehabilitation, women’s wellness, the use of movement therapy to restore the physical body. 

Pelvic floor & back rehabilitation have been of high importance over the years. 

I truly believe exercise is for all. I take great pride in assessing & advising to ensure my members are confident with the sessions & programmes. 

In 2019 I celebrated 20 years in the health & fitness industry. Over the years I have witnessed many changes and my role within group fitness has evolved; I have taught every style of class imaginable for big fitness chains, independent gyms and my own community programme. I have trained all types of clients on a 1.1, worked within a professional football club. I have presented on large stages, had medical research published, won various awards, set up a prize winning exercise referral programme, lectured, tutored and assessed hundreds, if not thousands of learners.

Due to Covid-19 the business model had to change, they say everything happens for a reason.  I decided to offer a mentorship programme with The Core Academy.

The Core Academy

What I bring to those I mentor? I have worked in exercise referral for 20 years and have taught specialist qualifications varying from vocational courses through to degree programmes. I completed my Masters in Exercise Medicine researching the effects of uptake & adherence on cardiac rehabilitation, whilst delivering exercise referral to over 100 clients every week, currently studying my Master equilivent in Clinical Sexology.  When it comes to knowledge & understanding from a research & delivery perspective be sure I can guide you from the text books but also my own experience. 
I have had research published in the Journal of Nursing and hold an impressive portfolio of working for various organisations on the delivering of specialist exercise in an instructor capacity, training the trainer, quality assurance and consultancy basis. 

All of the above whilst raising two children on my own. I had no choice but to keep going. Developing three businesses on limited time & finances has had its struggles but I can show those I mentor the way without the pain & pitfalls to allow growth & find confidence in their purpose with both feet firm to the ground.

To find out more please contact.

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