The following quote truly resonates; The worse thing is watching someone drown and not being able to convince them that they can save themselves just by standing up.


I educate women, using renowned health and wellness tools which serve to eradicate the limiting beliefs, trauma, anxiety and sabotaging patterns that are deep rooted in the unconscious mind. I support women in their journey towards empowerment through self-acceptance, exploration of intimacy, love and sexual satisfaction.

During your sessions you will be heard & held to enable release ensuring optimal health & happiness. 



Counselling/NLP/Mind Therapy

Counselling, Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP), Life Coaching, Chakra & Energy Alignment, Hypnotherapy, Meditation & Mindfulness.


As we move through life; events, people & situations affect our beliefs, may cause us to have negative thoughts, feelings, responses to situations. This can limit our ability to live life fully, leave us with anxiety, overwhelm, stress &/or depression. I specialise in body confidence, self love & acceptance; releasing the past & reprogramming your mind so you find your authentic self & live life on your terms with a calmer, more positive mindset. 


The 1.1 appointments are held in the strictest confidence. Let therapy hear & hold you while you work through your events, emotions, thoughts & feelings.


As a therapist I ve undergone & continue therapy myself, I know what it is like to sit the other side of the couch. Together we devise the therapy plan that is right for you. 


I only accept to work with those I feel I can get the best results with & will always be honest. A free initial meeting gives us both the opportunity to ask questions, discuss suitability & goals of the therapy. Once interest has been expressed I will send further details, a questionnaire will need to be completed prior to the meeting.


Sessions delivered in person or via zoom.


Release The S**t

Take Control Of Your Thoughts

If you have been living with an event, emotions, thoughts & feelings that affect your everyday life then this programme is  for you. Together we gently unpick, release, make sense, accept & start to move your mindset to think, feel, react more positively.


At the end you will feel a massive weight lifted, you will see the world differently & live on your terms having learnt techniques to control your mind. 

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6 Week 1.1 Programme                       6 Week Small Group 

3.5 hours 1.1 Intensive                         3.5 hours Small Group

The Self Love Diet

Truly Believe Your Worth

Lacking body confidence? Struggle to say no or feeling exhausted giving to others with no boundaries leaving your cup empty. Together step by step, we establish how to stay true to you but ensure you stay nourished, let's fill your cup up.


At the end you will have a number of strategies and techniques that resonate with your soul, a diet plan everyone should be on, the self love diet, essential for all! 

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 6 x Week 1.1 Programme

3.5 hours 1.1 Intensive 

Ditch the Diet Demons

Eat Well, Move More, Live Well

Are you tired? Do you lack energy? In an attempt to lose weight & restrict certain foods find yourself unhappy with the resistance to weight loss. Maybe you struggle with accepting your shape, your stage of life, feeling ignored with hormonal issues & the impact on the quality of your life? Together let’s change this, let’s get you back in the driving seat, let's live life.

We sort the mind first! Move the body more & watch the magic happen!

You have spent too long beating yourself up! We spend time getting to the real causes, the real issues & then get DEEP with what you really want & the WHY!

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 8 Week 1.1 Programme

8 Week Small Group Programme



Free 30 minute consultation

A free initial meeting gives us both the opportunity to ask questions, discuss suitability & goals of the therapy.I only accept to work with those I feel I can get the best results with & will always be honest.


£90 per one off session

 Depending on the presenting issue & client preferences will the chosen therapy be decided. 

£450 Block of 6 sessions

Short term therapy (usually 6 sessions), longer term therapy will be discussed at initial meeting. 

*I have limited concession places. Concessions are for those who need therapy but can't afford to pay its price entirely such as students, unemployed or those individuals on low-income. For further details please contact.


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Small Group Workshops Now Available


The work that this lady does is totally amazing. In the space of 2 seperate classes that I chose to invest in, I totally feel human again. I havnt felt like this for a very long time. I will continue using the services and totally reccomend that if you are ready to help yourself with whatever you are going through.



I can’t thank you enough for yesterday. When I spoke to you a while back I was trying to make that transformation from yo-yo dieting, failing, and ultimately hating myself for failure. I can honestly say after spending a day with you on the Body Confidence Workshop you have helped me to turn that corner on the road to gaining back part of my life that I never thought I would see again. I’m no longer carrying around, hiding and dwelling on things from the past that I never though I’d be able to share with any one. I now feel a huge weight has been lifted from within me and I can now move forward.