‘When someone comes to me with a condition, medical condition, fear on movement or lack of movement I am so passionate to guide them to be able to move in a way they never thought possible’, exercise is for all & we can achieve so much more than many of our initial limited thoughts would have us believe'.



Pilates/Personal Training/Exercise Rehab

Known as the go to person for back, hips & pelvic floor issues. I come from a movement background specialising in exercise medicine, women’s wellness, the use of movement therapy to restore the physical body. Throughout Pilates & Yoga inspired sessions find your love of exercise.

Services Offered

Live & Online Pilates & Yoga inspired sessions

On Demand Memberships

1.1 or Small Group Personal Training

1.1 Exercise Rehabiltation


VIP Membership

Live & Online

The VIP Membership gives you access to ALL recordings for all on demand memberships, the opportunity to attend live & online, a free pass to the monthly wellness workshop, rest & restore plus discount for all purchases made in the clinic shop. Every month you save over £150. Your very own exercise specialist in the comfort of your own home. 

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On sign up you receive full health questionnaire, goal setting task and fitness assessments. In the private group I set challenges every week & here to answer any questions.


Check out the benefits of the VIP Membership below: 



On Demand Memberships

24/7 Access

I currently offer SIX On Demand Memberships, different themes & lengths to fit into your day, every day.

Hips, Bums & Tums 


Simply Stretch 


Sleep Well , Stress Less 


Movement Matters  


Wellness in Mind & Body 

Optimal Back Health

Exercise Rehabilitation

Exercise Is For All

Exercise rehabilitation is bespoke to every client; duration, frequency & type of exercise will be dependent on the presenting issues. On enquiry a health questionnaire & information will be gathered. During the initial assessment I will outline the options & you will be clear on the process & expected number of sessions.

My current portfolio provides extensive evidence working with individuals with the following conditions:

Post back, hip or pelvic floor surgery.

Pelvic floor issues.

Lower back pain.

Heart disease.

Post stroke.


Personal Training 

Maybe your health & fitness has deteriorated and you have lost confidence. Do you always put others over you? Are you not important enough to give yourself time? Have you tried gruelling fitness regimes & restrictive diets & got little change? Repetitive failure just adds to confidence issues, low mood & energy.  As a Movement & Mind Therapist within 28 days your whole body & mind can be changed completely. Personal Training gives you exclusive 1.1 time to have a specific programme devised & constantly adapted for you.


Pelvic Floor Restore

Pelvic floor dysfunction can have a serious impact on your health both mentally & physically. This programme takes the time to teach you into positions, helps you establish the breathing and show you appropriate exercises to restore your pelvic floor. Within only a few sessions you will notice a remarkable difference.

Online, Small Group or 1.1 Available 

Michelle has literally changed my life!

I had spent a long time on Medication for my bladder.

Working with Michelle over six months I could stop all medication.

I had also had a back operation and Michelle has helped me get mobility back again. - Lorraine

Lower Back Release 

Does your back pain limit your ability to exercise?

Do you get frustrated not being able to do the things you did before?

Are you looking to strengthen your core, get fit, improve your health?

I specialise in working with lower back & hips. I will teach you safe & effective exercises for your goals. Within a few sessions you will feel more confident, have more energy, increased movement, feel stronger and more flexibility.

Online, Small Group or 1.1 Available 

Michelle is very experienced in her field and is working constantly to improve her knowledge. Over the years she has helped me with various injuries and helped me learn what I need to do sort it out and not do it again. I call her work Michelle Magic - Lucy

Ditch the Diet Demons

Eat Well, Move More, Live Well

Are you tired? Do you lack energy? In an attempt to lose weight & restrict certain foods find yourself unhappy with the resistance to weight loss. Maybe you struggle with accepting your shape, your stage of life, feeling ignored with hormonal issues & the impact on the quality of your life? Together let’s change this, let’s get you back in the driving seat, let's live life.

We sort the mind first! Move the body more & watch the magic happen!

You have spent too long beating yourself up! We spend time getting to the real causes, the real issues & then get DEEP with what you really want & the WHY!

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 8 Week 1.1 Programme

8 Week Small Group Programme



Free 30 minute consultation

A free initial meeting gives us both the opportunity to ask questions, discuss suitability & goals of the therapy.I only accept to work with those I feel I can get the best results with & will always be honest.


£90 Assessment & Programme

Full history and assessments will be performed before a suitable programme is devised. You can chose a written or recorded programme to follow at home. 

£60 per session

1.1 Personal Training or Exercise Rehab

Together session by session we work towards your goals. 



£500 Block of 10 sessions

*I have limited concession places. Concessions are for those who need therapy but can't afford to pay its price entirely such as students, unemployed or those individuals on low-income. For further details please contact.




‘I had no core or pelvic floor strength before Pilates, in truth my weak bladder really affected the quality of my life. Now I feel strong and confident, I am able to do so much more, it has dramatically helped my mental & physical wellness’ - Claire



When I first started Pilates around 3 and a half years ago, I was barely able to walk, or even pull the bed clothes off some days due to the chronic pain from my rheumatoid arthritis & fibromyalgia. Due to the encouragement, and perseverance, along with the fun atmosphere & non judgmental assistance of Michelle I cannot believe how much more mobility & confidence I have now!