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Are You Joining Me? Special Week Long Event

I am hearing from so many regarding their feelings in response to the lift in lockdown. Many individuals are so happy to be reunited with family and friends, relief from having received the vaccine. Pleased as they can return to business, place of work. Excitement as life can start to look a little like pre Covid. Though you maybe feeling positive take a moment to pause for all the individuals who have had the greatest loss; the loss of life. Those individuals who have not received the best treatment or care due to restrictions. So many businesses have had to permanently close. Some individuals are dealing with demons of fear & anxiety as lockdown eases. Many people have much apprehension on what life will look like, longing for life to return but fear the life we once knew has gone. Some people are experiencing anxiety that it's all too soon & fear another lockdown as we are seeing in neighbouring countries. Not everyone has had the vaccine, some will choose not too, feelings of further segregation, divide of the 'them & us'. There is so much in the media about losing the weight you have put on as a result of lockdown. All I ask please be kind to yourself; what is important to you? What is your why? Please can we all be kind & patient to each other as we move towards the next chapter & in truth no one knows what lies ahead. We cannot change the situation BUT we can change how we react! In preparation for the easing of lockdown I have planned an Open Event 4th-8th May. I will be holding a number of small group workshops (socially distanced, Covid secure) discussing; coping strategies for anxiety, changing mindset techniques, how to transform your body & mind, the hormonal hideout, get naked - talk the taboo (I introduce my role as a Sex & Relationship Therapist & share common sexual issues woman experience & possible treatments and much more. I will also be holding a number of free 1.1 consultations whereby you can discuss your goals & I can simply advise possible journey's you could undertake to start living & feeling in a way you currently can only dream of. The details will be live on the WEBSITE tomorrow. Booking is essential & will be held on a first come, first served basis. I will also offer a waiting list. Take extra care of yourself over the coming weeks, Michelle x

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