My Two Worlds Meet

As many of you know I am training to become a Clinical Sexologist. Im currently working on a piece of work in partnership with Bondara whereby a number of woman will be completing a 4 week Pelvic Floor Programme to see if exercises alone &/or the use of a pelvic floor device can have a significant positive effect on the pelvic floor.

I'm so excited as I get to join my love of movement therapy (with this piece of research using Pilates) with mind therapy (Clinical Sexology), I listen to the taboo, we need to normalise talking about sexual health and in particular if someone desires enjoyable intimacy/sex but biomedical factors prevent this! This is where I blossom in my new world. I want to support you, to get you the answers, to guide you to exploring ways & means.

To find out more about the research please watch the video below.

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