Plus Size Modelling - Body Confidence

i was invited to attend a modelling audition in Birmingham, an insight behind the scenes to some wonderful plus size models who own that catwalk! I was intrigued, us women can be renowned for being 'bitchy', what would the plus size modelling industry bring? On arrival the instant welcoming, everyone made an effort to speak, so much acceptance; shape, race, religion, age, nothing mattered! On discussion it became apparent everyone in the room had felt subjected to lack of acceptance in society, all had grew up with negative beliefs that had held them back & now were on the journey to love themselves, or near the end of the journey & there waiting to support those women who needed nurturing. I ve came away with a group of friends, many women I will stay in contact with. Although this event was about plus size modelling, the truth, the take home message - Body confidence, learning to accept yourself, imperfectly perfect. Its women supporting women.

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